Creation Evidence

One of the leading spokesmen for evolution, Thomas Huxley, stated this: “It is clear that the doctrine of evolution is directly antagonistic to that of creation. . . if consistently accepted, it makes it impossible to believe the Bible.” Unfortunately, many Christians do not understand why this is true. The Bible is crystal clear on the subject of origins. To deny that is to deny the veracity of the Bible or to explain the clear historical statements as incomplete or simply as Hebrew poetry.

Evolution and the Bible Don’t Mix

In his book, the Collapse of Evolution, Scott Huse lists 24 contrasts between the Bible and evolutionary dogma. Here are the first twelve:

Bible: God is the Creator of all things. (Gen. 1:1)

Evolution: Natural chance processes can account for the existence of all things.

Bible: The world was created in six literal days.

Evolution: The world evolved over eons.

Bible: Creation is completed. (Gen. 2:3)

Evolution: Creative processes are continuing.

Bible: The Ocean was made before the land. (Gen 1:2)

Evolution: Land came before oceans.

Bible: Atmosphere existed between two hydrospheres. (Gen 1:7)

Evolution: Contiguous atmosphere and hydrosphere.

Bible: First life was on land. (Gen 1:11)

Evolution: First life began in the oceans.

Bible: First life was land plants (Gen 1:11)

Evolution: Marine organisms evolved first.

Bible: Earth was made before the sun and stars. (Gen. 1:14-19)

Evolution: Sun and stars came into existence before earth.

Bible: Fruit trees were made before fishes. (Gen. 1:11)

Evolution: Fishes existed before fruit trees.

Bible: All stars were made on the 4th day. (Gen 1:16)

Evolution: Stars evolved at various times.

Bible: Birds and fishes were created on the fifth day. (Gen. 1:20-21)

Evolution: Fishes evolved hundreds of millions of years before birds appeared.

Bible: Birds were made before insects. (Gen. 1:20-21)

Evolution: Insects existed before birds.

The Biggest Difference

The greatest difference between the Bible and evolution is this:

Bible: states that man and woman were made in the image of God but fell from that image through rebellion, and thus brought death into the world.

Evolution: says that man is the highest (so far) step in a long process of accidents, is only slightly different from the primates, and that death and struggle existed long before mankind evolved.

These problems are not solved by the compromise of theistic evolution, that God directed creation through the process of evolution. Walter Brown in his book, In the Beginning, deals conclusively with this theory, showing it to be unreasonable. (for an online version, see the link below)

Will Choose to Believe in Blind Faith?

As I have said many times, since science deals with the observable and repeatable, origins cannot be dealt with conclusively with science. Both theories are matters of faith. The evidence, I believe, is much stronger on the side of creation. But every individual, including you, must make a choice, a step of faith. You cannot have both.


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