Evolution is True!

Creation Evidence

No, after writing over 100 articles sharing a little of the plethora of information supporting creation and design, I am not recanting. I must remain loyal to true science, to myself, and most of all, to God.

What About Evolution Is True?

So what does this title mean? Dictionary.com lists 10 definitions for the word ‘evolution’, the first one being, “any process of formation or growth; development.”Synonyms include ‘unfolding’, ‘change’, ‘progression’, and ‘metamorphosis’. It always assumes improvement. We all believe that cars, washing machines, computers have evolved. However, creationists also believe in one form of biological evolution. It is called microevolution or adaptation. This simply means that God designed life to adapt to its changing environment. Penguins did not need survival skills in sub-zero temperatures before the flood, for example. The large variety of dogs today have resulted from cross-breeding, either naturally or artificially. Animals that have not adapted have become extinct.

Microevolution: a Fact that Can Be Seen

In fact, Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, first published in 1859, never actually dealt with the subject of the title! Instead, the book attempted to explain the wide variety of species by natural selection, something few Creationists deny. Just how many dogs, or horses, or whatever God made in the beginning, we do not know. But we believe that, within each kind, a wide variety of adapting took place. This is microevolution. Through cross-breeding, we have made sweeter sweet corn, cows with more milk, and chickens and pigs with more meat. What no one has been able to do is to turn a reptile into a bird, or a bird into a mammal. Each kind has limits to the variety, limits that cannot be crossed. Thus, though we accept microevolution as a part of God’s design, we categorically deny macroevolution, the change from one kind of animal into another. This postulate has never been observed taking place even one time, anywhere. That it ever took place is pure conjecture.

Is the Peppered Moth Proof for Evolution?

The peppered moth is often used in textbooks as proof of macroevolution.

Most major biology textbooks show, through pictures, how that the light colored moths were prevalent in England until the industrial revolution. Then the soot-covered trees highlighted the light colored moths. Gradually the dark-colored peppered moths became more abundant because they blended with the background and were thus camouflaged from predators. This ‘proof’ of evolution has several problems.

First, peppered moths don’t live on tree trunks! Those in the picture were glued there! Second, further study showed that dark moths also became prevalent in rural areas, far from the pollution. Apparently, the environment had nothing to do with which color is dominant. Third, even if this change were caused by the environment, it at best demonstrates microevolution, adaptation to change, not change in form. Both colored moths were present before and after the industrial revolution pollution. Neither the peppered moth nor any other change in form within a species is evidence that an animal has ever changed from one kind to another.

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