Table of Contents

The Human Body

Circulation and Red Cells
The Otolaryngologist
Human Speech
Hanging Around the Joint
Our Amazing Bones
Savant Syndrome
Human Digestive System
The Kidneys
The Human Eye
Human Reproduction
The Marvelous Thyroid
Vestige Organs
The Wonder of Language

Design In Nature

The Fig Wasp
Honey Bees
The Saguaro Cactus
Petrified Wood
The Anglerfish
The Clownfish and the Anemone
Couch’s Spadefoot Toad
Knobcone Pine
The Beaver
The Tree Cricket
The African Elephant’s Ears
The Elephant’s Trunk
The Woodpecker’s Head
A Woodpecker’s Tongue
Sheep (1)
Sheep (2)
The Marvel of Flight Feathers
The Amazing Bat
The Platypus
Discovering the Peanut
Palm Trees
The Chicken Egg
The Octopus
The American Alligator
The Megapode or Incubator Bird
The Amazing Cliff Swallows
The Big Blue Butterfly
The Jellyfish
Diatomaceous Earth
Over the Edge
Over the Edge – 2
Privileged Planet
The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

Design Facts

Why NOT Believe in Design?
The Bottom Line in Debate of Design (1)
The Bottom Line in Debate of Design (2)
The Bottom Line in Debate of Design (3)
The “Star Witness” of the Creation Debate
Bones of Contention
The Population Problem
The Carbon 14 Dating Method
More on Dating Methods
The Origin of Morality
Evidence for Ancient Intelligence
The Desperate Search for Life
Explaining Instinct
What is Science?
Does “Ontogeny recapitulate phylogeny”?
Evolution is True!
Survival of the Fakest
How Much Time is ‘Enough’?