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 Experience of a Lifetime

Seeing the Petrified Forest of northern Arizona is quite an experience. It is not like any other forest for the trees are not standing. At your feet are millions of pieces of broken petrified wood, a veritable carpet covering the ground. But also entire trees may be seen as well, most of them broken into pieces as if cut with a saw.
We know these trees were buried where silica-rich water could soak into the wood replacing each cell with the quartz or other minerals. With many of the samples, even the bark and tree rings are preserved.

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How Fast Can the Process Happen?

Petrified wood has been a puzzle to old-earth geologists. Their explanations of the petrification have included processes that took millions of years. Now, however, scientists have been able to replicate the process in minutes! On occasion, farmers have even found the bottom of their fence posts petrified. Obviously, this did not take millions of years. Geologists now concede that process probably took less than 100 years (Wiki). That is a considerable concession! Yet, just think, what happens when you soak wood in water? How long will it take before it rots or at least the bark falls off?

Not a Problem for Young-earth Creationists

Creationists have no difficulty explaining petrification (also called petrifaction). The swirling mineral-rich water following Noah’s flood would quickly bury fallen trees and the pressure of the water and burial would hasten the preserving process. When standing at the Petrified Forest in Arizona, I scanned the area and remarked that it seemed like the bottom of a lake. Indeed, this lake could have formed as the flood waters receded. Evidence of rapid deposition (layer forming) includes straight lines between the layers, without signs of erosion as would be true if long periods of time were required. Underneath the lake the trees were petrified. Suddenly the soft embankment gave way emptying the lake and forming the Grand Canyon and the remaining Petrified Forest.

If we are right in saying Noah’s flood waters were the instrument of petrifaction, then the trees grew and flourished during the years prior to it, during the days of Adam and his descendants. Perhaps the many areas of petrified wood through the world are God’s museum, a sobering reminder of what happens when a nation or people turn from God.

8 thoughts on “Petrified Wood”

  1. I just found out yesterday what petrified wood was.
    I still do not see how trees( WOOD) turn to ROCK!!
    so do you think many many years from now all the tree’s on the earth will turn to ROCK?

  2. I’m sorry, but you believe in the FLOOD? I’m a Christian, but jeez, man! That’s a little extreme, not to mention STUPID. God is wonderful and all, and I’m sure he’s helped along the process of evolution, but COME ON. Jeez, I just can’t wait to read what you said about the Saguaro cactus and Mutualism!

    1. Jana, the proof that the earth is young, and that God did not use Evolution is overwhelming! Let me give you an quote from Answers in Genesis and be sure to check out the whole article below.
      “The evidence in Genesis 6–9 for a global catastrophic flood is overwhelming. For example, the Flood was intended to destroy not only all sinful people but also all land animals and birds and the surface of the earth, which only a global flood could accomplish. The Ark’s purpose was to save two of every kind of land animal and bird (and seven of some) to repopulate the earth after the Flood. The Ark was totally unnecessary if the Flood was only local. People, animals, and birds could have migrated out of the flood zone before it occurred, or the zone could have been populated from creatures outside the area after the Flood. The catastrophic nature of the Flood is seen in the nonstop rain for at least 40 days, which would have produced massive erosion, mud slides, hurricanes, etc. The Hebrew words translated “the fountains of the great deep burst open” (Genesis 7:11) clearly point to tectonic rupturing of the earth’s surface in many places for 150 days, resulting in volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Noah’s Flood would produce exactly the kind of complex geological record we see worldwide today: thousands of feet of sediments clearly deposited by water and later hardened into rock and containing billions of fossils. If the year-long Flood is responsible for most of the rock layers and fossils, then those rocks and fossils cannot represent the history of the earth over millions of years, as evolutionists claim.”

      1. A Christian that uses the Name of Christ in a slang form? I don’t think so. The flood happened. Read your bible. If the bible says it, by all means it is true. Being a Christian involves believing God, how can you say you are Christian and not believe what the bible says? Any part of the bible that is not to be taken litterally will let you know within the chapter.

        1. Linda I do not use Christ name in a slang form, and yes I am trying to communicate that I do believe in the literal 24-hour-day 7-day Creation week. Therefore, I do believe entirely what the Bible says and will testify to it.

  3. My son-in-law found a strange looking piece of wood while he was fishing in historica Harpers Ferry,WV. It Looks like a snake at the end of it but I’m sure i’ts petrified wood. It has been laying for a long time because the length of the branch has been riddled with stones until they have made holes through the wood in a pattern all around the branch. It looks like a loose crochet pattern. I’v never seen anything like it in my life. I wonder if you could tell me about how old it might be without seeing it. How long would it take for something to turn out like that? Is it worth anything?

  4. I don’t see how petrified wood would go against creationism in the sense of how it is explained by scientists. Its a simple procedure and takes less than 100 years. I believe in creationism but my belief allows for millions of years for this to happen.

    1. Safiyah, there is TONS of evidence that the earth is young. If I put all of them here I don’t think I would have enough room, but I’ll give you this quote from Answers in Genesis, and give you the link to find out more about the topic.
      “Jesus was a young-earth creationist. Jesus consistently treated the miracle accounts of the Old Testament as straightforward, truthful, historical accounts (e.g., creation of Adam, Noah and the Flood, Lot and his wife in Sodom, Moses and the manna, and Jonah in the fish). He continually affirmed the authority of Scripture over men’s ideas and traditions (Matthew 15:1–9). In Mark 10:6 we have the clearest (but not the only) statement showing that Jesus was a young-earth creationist. He teaches that Adam and Eve were made at the “beginning of creation,” not billions of years after the beginning, as would be the case if the universe were really billions of years old. So, if Jesus was a young-earth creationist, then how can His faithful followers have any other view?”

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