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Porpoises Converse Better Than People?

Of all God’s creation, only people can truly converse. Several years go some scientists purported the idea that porpoises had a more complex language than humans do. If they are so smart, why are they the ones jumping through hoops for a free fish held by a person? The truth is, no animal’s communication even comes close to the complexity of human speech.

Animals Don’t Compare

We not only are able to transfer thoughts into words so that others understand what we mean, but we are able to record these words for others’ benefit at other times and places.
Yes, animals do have an instinct, and they are able to communicate in subtle ways that we are not good at duplicating. Deer raise their tail as a sign of danger; offspring understand warning signals from parents; giraffes signal other animals of impending doom. But this is immature communication compared to the words and voice intonation and gestures we all understand.

Baffling Proof Against Evolution

If evolution were true, then language, of course, also evolved from grunts to words to sentences and eventually to a written form. This would mean that ‘primitive’ people, isolated from civilization for centuries, would surely still have a primitive language structure, a ‘caveman communication,’ wouldn’t it? How contradictory to such a view is this excerpt from Peace Child by Don Richardson. Working with the cannibalistic Sawi Indians of New Guinea, he describes the difficulty in learning their language. “Speaking Sawi was proving far more than an exercise in stringing simple terms together. Often a single word turned out to be only a stem to which a seemingly limitless number of suffixes or chains of suffixes could be attached. Each verb, for example, has nineteen tenses in its indicative mood alone . . . Also, each of the nineteen tenses occurred in both a first-person and a non-first-person form, making a total of thirty-eight verb endings to choose from every time I wanted to make a simple indicative statement in Sawi.”

Primitive? I Don’t Think So.

He goes on to explain the subjunctive and imperative moods. “Apparently concrete verb stems became etymological phantoms which could assume any one of fifteen different shapes even before one began extending them with suffixes.” (p. 171) I encourage you to read the entire explanation of their complex language. Though you may not understand all he explains, one thing you will come away with is a belief their language is far from primitive! And, like every other known language in the world, words are put together into sentences to convey a concept. In all languages, the syntax is similar. In other words, like the rest of nature, language too declares a common origin and, thus, a common Originator.

Language From The Beginning

The Bible says God talked with Adam and Eve, and they talked with Him. Language did not evolve from primitive grunts but was the design of God so He could convey His truth to us, and we could, in return, praise and worship Him.

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  1. Thank you Jim for your wonderful research on lanuage. following is a quote from the Quran :

    And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colours: verily in that are Signs for those who know. (Holy Quran chapter 30:verse 22)

    1. Iliyas, I must be honest with you. Allah is not God.The Bible (the perfect Word of God) says you cannot get to heaven by obeying Allah sufficiently and expect that good deeds outweigh the bad. Neither can you earn it by repeating what Muhammad did and said and by reciting extra prayers, fasting, and going on pilgrimages. Doing all these good works in hope of tipping the scales, will not work. God is just. He punishes those who have sinned, and that would make us all worthy of Hell (Romans 3:23). Works deffinitely don’t cut it (Isaiah 64:6). God wanted a relationship with us though, even when we were blatantly disobeying Him and turning to our own pleasure, He sent His only Son Jesus, the Son of God to take the rath of God for us (Isaiah 53:5). Now all we have to do is believe on Him and repent of our wicked deeds (Romans 3:16)! Let me tell you, it feels WONDERFUL to have the weight of sin off my shoulders. Now I can serve Jesus fully as a servant in gratitude for what He has done for me. Iliyas, please consider it. I want you to have the same freedom as I do, and I want you to be in heaven with me someday.

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