The Bottom Line in Debate of Design (2)

Creation Evidence

The Evolutionary Dream Is Collapsing

What facts must be explained by natural processes or the entire theory of evolution collapses? Previously we looked at four of them. Here are five more.

The Old Age Facts Don’t Fit

5) The earth (the entire universe in fact) must be very old. In order to account for enough random accidents to occur to produce life as we know it, vast amounts of time must pass. (In fact, in a previous article, we saw that no amount of time could account for it, statistically.) The earth does indeed appear to be old if only natural processes are taken into account. However, a worldwide catastrophe would cause the earth to appear much older than it is and evidence for a catastrophe, such as a world-wide flood, abounds. Examples include sedimentary rock found on Mount Everest, the formation of petrified wood, and polystrate fossils. The amount of meteoritic dust on earth, the quantity of sediment on the moon, the deltas at the end of rivers, radiocarbon dating, and many other dating methods point, in fact, to a very young earth.

No Part of Creation Can Be Left Behind

6) Irreducible complexity. Parts of nearly all of life must be present for that life form to have continued. Only fig wasps pollinate fig blossoms, for example. The whole process of reproduction, whether in plant, animal, or man, must be in place as it is for the species to continue. If one part were missing, the organism would be extinct. The DNA in every human cell is enough information to fill 4,000 encyclopedia-sized books. This incredible orderliness in complexity demands intelligence in design.

Where Did My Chromosomes Go?

7) A process must be presented that explains how one life form can change genetically into another. Obviously, chromosomes did not increase with life form complexity on the evolutionary tree. Dogs have 39 pairs of chromosomes, a fern 240 pairs, while we have 23. Further, as we saw in the previous article when the chromosome numbers don’t match, sterility results. Even Downs syndrome adults are almost always sterile and that is a mismatch of only one. If mutations are used to explain the change in chromosome numbers, it raises a serious problem. No mutation has ever been observed to change one species into another, and, in fact, mutations are nearly always detrimental to the offspring.

The Earth Is Going Down

8) The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. Simply put, this law states that, though the total amount of matter and energy in the universe is constant, its usefulness continually decreases. Things move from order to disorder, from a higher energy state to a lower. Reversing this requires the input of more energy. Albert Einstein called this “the premier law of science” upon which all other processes are based. And yet evolution demands that life moves accidentally from a lower energy level to a higher, exactly contrary to this law.

Where Are All The People?

9) Population growth. In a previous article, we examined this in some detail. Simply put, the present world population is only explainable if mankind has been around a few thousand years. If we have been here a million years, we would be overrun with people or skeletons, and if a short time, how did we become so complex through accidents?

There Is No Excuse

Each of these points, if not explained adequately, is a nail in the coffin of Evolution.

(Continued in The Bottom Line in Debate of Design (3))

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